The principals of SparkTek are available as consultants or as long term contract staff.  The types of technical support that SparkTek can provide are detailed below:

  • Project Control
  • Requirements Tracking
  • Contract Tracking
  • Quality Assurance Verification
  • Technical Review
  • Marrying Contracts, Project and Technical Requirements
  • Support and Mentoring of In-house Staff
  • Contract Systems/Software Development

SparkTek directly or its principals have amassed an extensive experience providing these services.  Some of the major contracts that they have completed are:

SparkTek support INTELSAT's Y2K program office, supplying technical advice on industry Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) best practices.

SparkTek supports the CGI Inc. Washington D.C. office in a subcontractor relationship.

Department of National Defence
SparkTek principals were team leaders and architects for the Navigation Training System (NTS) a training system used by Canadian Forces to train navigators.

Advanced Tactical Battle Management System (ATBMS)
SparkTek principals were key in the development of the CESA module of ATBMS through the entire life cycle.

To contact us:

Phone: 613-692-6260
Fax: 613-692-8460